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Writing a Business Plan

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Writing a business plan with help from our business plan consultants

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Why do you need to write a business plan? Every company needs a plan - from startups to mezzanine stage businesses - as a company founder you need to hire a business plan consultant.

Why a business plan consultant? A professional business plan consulting group, such as our team, has years of experience in both the "real business world" and in business finance. Raising capital is a challenge at every stage of your company's development, and you need a capital raising expert - and our team combines this expertise with business plan consulting.

Writing a business plan is critical to growing your company and having an investor ready business plan is the key to raising capital from venture investors and angel groups.

The principles of Investor Ready Business Plan has raised millions of dollars on behalf of their clients, which range from CEOs of pre-revenue companies to later stage companies raising their second round of investment capital. Feel free to contact our business plan consultants today.

A venture capital broker can assist you in acquiring venture capital funding. A venture capital consultant can identify an "angel investor" for your small business. Venture capital financing is critical to building your small business.

What Do Investors Want?

1)People: Investors invest in management - not just ideas. It is very important to show your knowledge, passion and dedication to your business.

2)Customers: It is important to understand the needs of your customers and to articulate this market strategy within your business plan.

3)Investor Ready Business Plan: Venture Capital and Angel investors will want to review your business plan prior to meeting with you and making an investment decision.

What is an Investor Ready Business Plan?
- The problem you are solving (why is your company's product / service NEEDED)
- Your sustainable competitive advantage (why you will SUCCEED where others have failed)
- Your barriers to entry (how will you prevent COMPETITORS from taking your customers)
- The true market opportunity (how many CUSTOMERS can you reach)

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